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Best of 2022: Toys and Games

Art for games and toys is a specialty of many Mendola artists, and we worked on a lot of fun projects in 2022 featuring wonderful storytelling and character design. Here are our top picks!

Illustrated patterns from Ana Jaks are featured in Hasbro’s re-release of the classic game, “Hand’s Down“.

Steve Simpson designed the game box, boards/puzzles, cards, and character pieces for Revensburger’s “Puzzle & Play: The Donut Dragon!

Dan Sipple illustrated the packaging for the party game “We’re Still Good” for Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning.

Kenny Kiernan created the characters for Spinmaster’s new game, “Million Warriors“.

Jim Talbot worked on packaging art for another new Spinmaster game, “Sink N’ Sand“.

Orlando Arocena’s art covers the packaging for this Laser Tag Battle Pack from Sharper Image.